The Cake Smash is so much fun!

Cake Smash Photography is a great way to celebrate your child’s first birthday. The best time to photograph the actual Cake Smash though is around 10-11 months, ideally after they can sit up and before they can run away from the set!

The whole cake smash experience is child led and features 3 stages. First up we have a quick photo session on the set without the cake. Next up we introduce the cake, a chance for your little one to have some fun with it, think of it as an extension of messy play, as more cake gets played with than eaten. Finally, its a fun little clean up in the bath for a Splash Session.

The most popular wall art for these sessions are 9-Up storyboards and 3 piece wall art collections to tell the whole fun story of the Cake Smash experience.

The Important Stuff!

  • We recommend Cake smash sessions to be taken when baby is between 9-11 months. When they are sitting up nice and easily and just before they are up and off on those little feet.
  • Cake smashes are held in our fully equiped studio in Melbourne’s West. The studio is located in Gisborne and has all you need for a comfortable and fun photographic session. For more information on our custom built studio, head to our Studio Page
  • Your Cake smash session includes family and baby portraits, cake smash fun portraits and splash portraits. We will have a nice simple set for the session depending on what colours and tones you are after. Bring a nice outfit for the beforehand photos and something for the smashing of the cake that you don’t mind getting all messy. 
  • Cake cake cake. We don’t supply the cake but we can suggest and recommend some amazing local cake makes that can create what you are after and tend to any dietary requirements. Alternately you can get your cake made or bring your own creations! It’s best to try giving your little one a little taste of cake and icing that may be used to make sure they do not have a reaction before placing an order or making your masterpiece. 
  • Cake smashes usually last around 1 hour. This allows for a nice family photo before the cake gets introduced and then plenty of time for playing and eating cake! Followed by a relaxing clean up with bubbles in a tub after to help clean all that yummy icing off. The Design Consultation happens straight after your photo shoot, where we will sit down and go through your photos.
  • Straight after your session we will sit down and go through all your photos. This is where you get to purchase all the photographs you would like edited ready for your wall art collections and albums or prints. Once full payment is made the turn around times vary for products but usually takes around 2-3weeks.
  • We recommend booking your cake smash session once baby can sit comfortably without falling. This will secure your session, as we only take a limited number of bookings a month.

Some Of Our Favourite Images